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Jail cannot change criminal minds, we need better solutions.
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The world is changing traditions faster than ever now. With the rise of technology and also weaponry, the criminals are getting smarter. Even with all the laws that we have, these criminals will find a way to escape or get a lower punishment with the help of some crooked attorneys.<br/><br/>The punishment or jail time laws were created centuries ago. Although they were modified from time to time, they still have the same core idea that jail time will change the criminal mind and the criminals will be ready to be merged in society again. Unfortunately, I believe most of the times, this is not true. These criminals will again go back to the society and usually carry on with their criminal actions as has been seen many times.<br/><br/>This raises a question about the effectiveness of the jail. To me it seems more helpful for those criminals as they can easily find like minded criminals and that may help build their criminal network.<br/><br/>I think instead of putting these criminals in jail and serving them food and shelter, they should be made to survive without any assistance in a controlled environment. That would depend on the severity of their crime though. The idea is to give them the experience that they would want to forget but they cannot. Let them understand the meaning of life through their own experiences when they have to struggle to cook their own food, find shelter and then think why they are suffering in such an environment.<br/><br/>This is just a thought as I am no expert in this field. But I strongly believe that our methods to correct criminals minds are really outdated and something needs to be changed now.<br/><br/>This should be debated.
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