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Online Social Networks should pay to users for their time.
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There are many online social networks out there today, some are more successful than others. All these networks thrive on their user base and earn a lot of money because of their users. The users logged into the website and spend their precious time making useless comments, posting pictures and feeling proud on number of likes/shares that they get.<br/><br/>Most of us, the users, already know that Time is Money. Ignoring this fact, they spend their time on these social networks for nothing. It is the users time which is making the social network owner a lot of money.<br/><br/>Have you ever imagined that if these social networks pay even $1/hr to it's users then how much would it cost them and how much would us earn. We, the users, make those social platforms popular, spend hours on them daily and we get nothing in return. On the contrary, we waste our time whereas we could have done something else such as trying to learn new cooking recipes, do Yoga, take the dog to walk etc.<br/><br/>These social networks are worth billions of dollars and we, who literally work day and night for 'their' success, get nothing in return. Just imagine what do you do on a job. You spend mostly 8 hours per day to make money for your employer and in return you get a piece of it. If we are doing the same thing i.e. working a few hours daily on these social networks that helps them make money then, these social networks owe us money. We are working for them without any pay.<br/><br/>There is no wonder that these social network owners are billionaires in such a short time because they have millions of people working for them, without any pay and helping them make more and more money.<br/><br/>Some people may argue that this is voluntary, but do you think someone would want to make somebody else rich by doing voluntary work for them? We have not been told the real story, the social networks are making money for users time. Yes, Time is Money, but who said Money should belong to the same person who is spending time. Think about it.
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