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Western Culture in India - Out of place?
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From last 2 decades or so, we are seeing a rise of western culture in India. Some of it is for good, some of it is purely bad. Since IT industry in India is greatly influenced by these western factors, lets start from there.<br/><br/>We are seeing a rising number of smokers, drinkers and a lot of soda/soft drink culture. This may be ok in the developed countries but if we look at a developing country like India, it seems out of place. We all know that smoke is a pollutant and it affects our lungs. In a country where there is already so much pollution, a lot of carbon particles that we are already knowingly/unknowingly breathing, we add the smoke from cigarettes. Studies tell that the air is so bad at some places that breathing in Delhi, India is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day. If you compare that with average air pollution in USA, that is equivalent to 0.4 cigarettes a day. So, in India, people should not copy the culture of cigarette smoking from developed countries as they are already inhaling enough smoke.<br/><br/>Studies also tell that soft drinks are usually bad for our teeth. Again, people in India are copying that culture but they forget that the people in developed countries spend a significant amount of money on dental insurance to keep their teeth healthy. But in India, most of the people do not have a dental insurance and would not even visit a dentist unless a problem occurs. So, blindly copying the soft drink culture fails here as well.<br/><br/>Another culture that comes up in mind is spending money and not saving. India has a traditional culture of saving money but with the western influence, now people want to spend more and save less. The reason again being just blindly copying the developed countries. People in India should keep in mind that the developed countries have a social security scheme that tends to provide benefits after retirement (not to forget that there are more job opportunities in developed countries, even for elderly). It is contrary to India where the government has stopped the pension plan a few years ago. So now, people have a rely on what they have saved or invested as government would not help when they turn old. So, spend but save/invest wisely as well.<br/><br/>Another culture is credit card culture, buying things on credit even if you don't have enough money. The number of credit cards in India are rapidly increasing but nobody seems to care about the security concerns that comes with credit cards. You'll have to ask those persons who have experienced a fraud on their credit cards but, as the experience would tell, most of the banks would take a long time in investigation and would often blame the card holder for carelessness. This is again in complete contrast to developed countries where the amounts are reimbursed by the banks first and then the investigation happens. The amount of money spent by banks on card securities in western countries is much more than what is spent by banks in India.<br/><br/>Another contrast that I see in India is that there is Not much charity by extremely rich people in India. There is No sense of responsibility by people who have money/power to create a better environment for everyone. These people are making enough money to be compared with the richest persons from the western countries but, in contrast, they forget to donate to the society.
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