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Should we focus on solar powered vehicles in Formula1 ?
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As the new Formula1 season is in progress, there is always a worrying element present among environmentalists and that is the use of conventional fuel petroleum. Some people have even gone on to say that we should stop the Formula1 and such kind of races since the cars use a lot of petroleum in those races.<br/><br/>Then there are people who argue that Formula1 races focus more on research on safety and that safer technology ultimately comes into our day to day cars. But if the focus is on safety and not on burning fuel for speed then, we should focus on solar powered vehicles. We need more research on solar energy as it can meet our needs everyday. If the solar powered vehicles can run as fast as petrol driven vehicles and if they can be driven long range then, people will naturally focus more on solar powered vehicles.<br/><br/>If we have an event (like a Formula1 race) every year for solar powered vehicles then, it should really help in developing a suitable vehicle in less time. This would help in reducing our dependency on petroleum, reducing air pollution and would be a step towards curbing drastic climate change.<br/><br/>Burning petroleum for entertainment should be stopped.
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